CBD Lavender bath soak

    Green Machine CBD

    PACKED WITH 100MG FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT & LAVENDER BOTANICALS Green Machine CBD bath salts with 100mg of CBD for the amazing therapeutic qualities 


    AMAZING ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES The properties of the CBD Lavender bathsalts are known to be used as an: anti-inflammatory, purifying, mineralising and muscle relaxer. 



    CBD is said to target inflammation, our healing lavender bath salt is formulated to target dry and sensitive skin and create a soothing and softness whilst promoting rest and relaxation. 

    ORGANIC CERTIFIED HEMP EXTRACT Packed with 100g per pack, phytonutrients & essential minerals. Organic grown hemp free from pesticides as well as being cruelty free and completely non-psychoactive

    MADE IN THE UK. Made In the UK - Green Machine CBD ingredients and packaging are sourced within the United Kingdom. Our materials are ethically sourced using as many recycled materials as possible and our products are made to the highest standards.


    We have been selling for over 3 years and we are the first choice for hundreds of thousands of customers across the U.K. & EU. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about your product. 


    Designed to be used when needed. Use when you require physical and mental relaxation. 50g per bath can be used. Can also be used as a body scrub just make sure to add with water. 

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