BBNO IPA - 8.5% + 20mg CBD

    Green Machine CBD

    PACKED WITH FLAVOR.  Bursts of flavor with every sip. Award winning Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops, Soft, full-bodied and ridiculously juicy. 


    DOUBLE IPA, A MODERN DIPA BREW. Our Beers are unfiltered, which allows for a fuller, richer taste and smoother mouthfeel


    20MG NANOABSORBING CBD PER CAN. Double IPA with 20mg per high potency liposomal CBD per can.


    8% ALCOHOL BUT SMOOTH AND ENJOYABLE. Brewery BBNO and Green Machine have infused high-potency liposomal CBD into their Double IPA with 20mg per high potency liposomal CBD. 


    VEGAN FRIENDLY.  No animal products so that you can enjoy a guilt free CBD alcohol experience.

    TRY THE NEXT NEW TREND. Working with BBNO (One of the top 100 breweries in the world) from their base in London BBNO infused high-potency liposomal CBD into their Double IPA with 20mg per high potency liposomal CBD per can and their award winning Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops. The result is a beer bursting with all the flavor of a modern DIPA and the ability to transport you to your ultimate place of zen. Soft, full-bodied and ridiculously juicy.

    TRANSPORT YOURSELF TO THE ULTIMATE PLACE OF ZEN. This new combination opens a world of possibilities for those who love alcohol but hate hangovers, our CBD creates a feeling of contentment and happiness, allowing you to enjoy our beverage but not feel the guilt of waiting for that hangover the next day. The immune supportive nature of CBD allows the body additional resources to keep your metabolism moving during your alcohol consumption.  


    INCREDIBLE POTENCY. Our nano absorbing CBD packs a punch and delivers a feeling like no other, 20mg will feel like 200mg in the body as our CBD has a much higher bioavailability status than standard CBD oils and powders.


    JUICY AND DELICIOUS. This sweet, semi sour and exceedingly citrus fruit packed double IPA will have you begging for more, as the delicious orange notes slide past the taste buds making your mouth water the sweet notes begging encouraging a moreishness that other DIPA’s simply do not have. 


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