About Us

Green Machine CBD oil is extracted under GMP facilities in Germany and bottled here in the UK for superior quality and maximum potency. If you're thinking of trying cannabis oil to improve your health, then try our oil first. Green Machine CBD oils are proudly bottled, checked, tested and manufactured here in the UK.

Unlike other companies, we were started by medical cannabis patients with the customers' experience in mind. Everything we do is purely to get the best possible CBD products known to man. If it's substandard, we don't sell it. Simple. We keep you safe using 3rd party lab testing, microbial testing, residual solvent testing and heavy metal testing to ensure our products are some of the safest in the cannabis industry globally. 

We ensure that only the best products reach our shelves by engaging in an industry unique process. Each product is personally tested by our staff, Green Machine product testers and independent testers to measure the potency and effectiveness in treating their own personal conditions. We are family owned and operated, and now you're part of that family by choosing our products. 

Welcome to the Green Machine Family. 

* THC levels on all products are below 0.01%

* Our products are not intended to treat or cure any disease.